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Offer your members a valuable community service

The world might be smaller than ever before today with all the technology at our fingertip but as children make new friends at school whose family is not already part of their parents existing circle of friends, the other side of town might seem a world apart.

My Class List helps bring communities together by providing a controlled environment for parents to share just as much contact information as they are comfortable with. Default security settings restrict information sharing to other parents within the same group but are flexible if you want to share information more freely between your list members.

Save precious volunteer time

Volunteer time is a limited and valuable resource. Asking parents visiting their children's teacher at the school open house to signup on the class list sheet, transcribing the contact details by hand into a spreadsheet, properly segregating the information by teacher and finally sending the lists to the right people while keeping groups separated is a lengthy manual and error prone process.

Before introducing My Class List at our school, putting together the class list at the beginning of a new school year would require dozens of volunteer hours.

Luc, PAC Secretary and founder of My Class List

With My Class List, you can setup a new list in seconds, generate a signup link for parents to join and let community members keep their information up-to-date on their own.

Stop sending out-dated spreadsheets by email

Change is part of life; people get a new email address, a new phone number, the address of a parent that worked last month is now bouncing with an error message. Every time something changes, parents will reach out to the volunteer who helped put the list together. Plus, every time an update is done to the list, a new version needs to be sent out to dozens of parents. Send updates too often and some people will complain they are getting spammed, wait for too long between updates and others will complain their list is out of date, either way it seems you can't win.

Soon after the list manager sends an update to all members, a mistake that requires a new update will be found.

Murphy’s law of contact list management

My Class List is self-service, whenever someone needs to update their information, they can access the system and make the change by themselves; whenever someone wants to get the latest version of the list, they can login to their account and get the most up-to-date information from their smart phone, tablet or computer.

Protect member privacy

The school administration has contact information for all the parents and guardians and are often asked to provide class lists but unless they received consent to distribute this information, they cannot provide it.

My Class List aims to provide just the right balance between sharing information among a restricted audience and providing a real-time platform for users to access the most up-to-date information that list members have agreed to share.

Should you have any question about the service offered by My Class List, please reach out using our contact form.

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