The spirit of the policy

  • Except for the free trial tier, this site offers a paid service that is not supported by publicity or the sale of user information to third parties. You are not the product.
  • Out of consideration for user privacy, no tracking cookies are used in the protected area of this site with the exception of performance trackers used to monitor the good working condition of the site. Public sections of this site may however be instrumented to allow us to better understand the needs of our users.
  • This site also uses cookies to store session information.
  • Access to user information by the operator of this site does not occur as part of the ordinary course of business. Access may occur if necessary for resolving a technical issue, if requested by the user for support purpose or if we are forced to do so by a competent legal authority.

The letter of the policy

We know you can't wait to read the fine print of our Privacy policy but the exact details of the policy are still being worked on. In the mean time, please refer to the spirit of the policy.

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