List Users

Why is my status "pending"?

This is a security measure to protect the information of the other list members.
A list administrator may need to approve your membership before you can start to see the list when you initially join as well as when you change your selection for certain groups.
This address two privacy issues:

1- It prevents someone that should not be allowed to join the list from getting access to the information of existing list members.
2- It also prevents an existing member from briefly assigning one of their child to each teacher in order to extract the information from all the class lists.

List Administrators

What if I want to create a phone book or master list with all list members?

List administrators have access to the entire list and can extract the information but unless this is for administrative purpose, it is better to give members the opportunity to opt-in only if they want to be a member of the phone book.

The best approach to do this is to create a group for your list as follow:

Create a new group named something like "Phone book" and configure the group options as follow. The audience is Family Group with Multiple choices where Members selections can be seen by all members. Set the privacy protection to no and add a single option "Yes - I Opt-in to be included in the phone book".

By opting in, a member can share contact details with all other members of your list.


Why can't I setup a password?

The solution currently in place is referred to as email based authentication and is nothing new. In fact, chances are you have already used it many times already, as this is how the "I Forgot my Password" feature on most web sites works.

To login, enter your email address in the form and press the send button then head over to your email account to obtain a unique access code. The access code is valid for a single login and expires within 30 minutes of being issued.

If you want to know more about this authentication method, you can read the following articles about emails as a password manager as well as the history of email based authentication .

Is my credit card information safe?

My Class List does not store your credit card information, in fact, your card details go directly to our payment processor without passing through our server.

Your payment is processed by Stripe, a certified PCI service provider

Check the Stripe system status

Any other tips about staying safe online?

Please take a minute to read about 3 steps you can take to stay safe online by reading this blog post on our web site! Don’t feed the bears… keep safe online

More questions?

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