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Not a social network

My Class List is not a social network and it is not an online chat either. Rather, it is a platform managed by one or more list administrators that allows members of your community to share contact details with other members of the community.

As children make friends in new social contexts, whose family is not already part of their parents existing circle of friends, organizing gatherings and other activities can get complicated.

My Class List helps bring communities together by providing a controlled environment for parents to share just as much contact information as they are comfortable with.

A thorny privacy issue

As a school or team administrator, you have access to all parents contact details. Parents know this and for a number of valid reasons, they might ask you to provide contact information for members of their child’s class or team. However, even if you have the information you might not be in a position to actually disclose it.

By directing them to a self-service contact management solution, you empower parents and guardians to opt-in and control what information they want to share with the other members of their community.

Is it safe?

Security is always relative and a matter of compromise on many fronts. My Class List takes privacy and the security of user information very seriously and implements the following measures.

All communications between user web browsers and our servers are encrypted with the same technology used to secure bank and other ecommerce transactions. The page you are reading right now was served over a secure encrypted channel. All user information is also encrypted at rest and is only decrypted while being processed as a result of an authenticated user interaction with the system. List signup links and group privacy parameters are by default set to encourage privacy and to restrict who has access to member information by requiring administrators to approve new members as well as group changes.

What about the alternatives? Unless they are provided with a custom solution, parents may use other alternatives such as shared online spreadsheets or actually sending documents back and forth by email that may get sent to unintended recipients. These solutions, besides being cumbersome, are also much less secure as all members can view and edit all other members contact details.

Should you have any question or concern about the service offered by My Class List, please reach out using our contact form.

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