About My Class List

When will the class list be ready?

The idea for My Class List came while volunteering as a secretary for our son’s school parent association committee. Before that, I had never heard about a school class list but shortly after joining the board, I started to hear about how parents were asking for this and how tedious and time consuming a task it was to put together.

I asked about online options for doing this and was told other alternatives had been tried like sharing spreadsheets or survey but nothing quite worked out and the association had gone back to collecting and distributing lists by hand, a very time consuming and error prone process. Interestingly the email address we registered with was not transcribed properly so after the list was first distributed, we didn’t receive it and it took some back and forth to get things fixed and have the list resent to other parents.

Soon after the list manager sends an update to all members, a mistake that requires a new update will be found.

Murphy’s law of contact list management

There must be a better way?

September came and this time, the teachers were on strike when the school year started. The evening gathering where the association usually collects contact details from parents visiting their child’s classroom was cancelled. What was going to happen to the class list?

That’s when the idea of creating a flexible but targeted solution for online school class list took flight. Soon after, an invitation link was sent to parents via our school weekly memo asking them to signup for the new online service.

We're open!

After several months of closed beta with a single school, the doors are now open for others to register and use the service! Should you have any question about the service offered by My Class List, please reach out using our contact form.

We certainly hope you enjoy the convenience of My Class List self-service, always available and up to date school class lists to keep contact within your community!

PAC Secretary and Founder of My Class List

My Class List